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TAP Intern Project: Levitation

Levitation is the action of rising or causing something to rise and hover in the air, typically by means of supposed magical powers, but in photography  Photoshop does the trick. To get a the Levitation effect in a photograph you would need a camera, tripod, model, assistance and something that your model can stand/rest on depending on the concept you are going for. The science behind Levitation in photography is just placing a picture on another and cutting out a […]

TAP Drone shots: Aerial footage of Ibadan Polo Club

The Team went to the Ibadan polo club  for some aerial coverage. The Ibadan polo club is a beautiful place, it was an amazing experience. We meet some very interesting people, it was awesome and we look forward to visiting the polo club again.                   To know more about our packages you can click SHOP, you can also stop by the studio for enquirers. Thanks for reading through, see you soon. Studio Manager, […]

TAP Events: Mrs Bolaji’s Introduction

Hi everyone, The Team would like to say congratulations once again to Mrs Bolaji on her introduction, everyone at the studio wishes you a wonderful wedding and blissful marriage. It was a lovely experience working with you and we’d love to see you again                   To know more about our packages you can click SHOP, you can also stop by the studio for enquirers. Thanks for reading through, see you soon. Studio Manager, […]

TAP Intern Project: Splash

    SPLASH[ TAP Interns 2nd project] Hi everyone,  The interns just completed their second project(SPLASH), it was was a little tasking because they had water splashing all about the studio and camera equipments and still manage not to destroy anything and ultimately they were the cleaning crew for that day. It was amazing learning something new and having fun along side. The water splash Effects was achieved with a relatively fast shutter speed( to catch every drop of water) […]

TAP Photo session: Miss Tomisin Birthday shoot

Happy Sunday Everyone. The team would like to say Happy birthday in arrears to Miss Tomisin, everyone at the studio wishes you many more amazing years. We had a very lovely time shooting with you at the studio, and we look forward to your next shoot. This year would be more amazing and joyful than the last                        To know more about our packages you can click SHOP, you can […]

Long Exposure Photography

       Long-exposure, time-exposure, or slow-shutter photography involves using a long-duration shutter speed to sharply capture the stationary elements of images while blurring, smearing, or obscuring the moving elements.The paths of moving objects become clearly visible like head and tail lights of cars draw bright streaks, lights in a moving train.   Long-exposure photography captures one element that conventional photography does not: an extended period of time.    How to Achieve Long exposure Photographs   there is no fixed method for achieving “long exposure photographs”, the […]

TAP Interns Project: Reflection

REFLECTION [interns 1st project] It was an interesting and exciting moment during this project called ‘REFLECTION’. Why is REFLECTION our consensual Tittle? The concept is to give a throw back to the recreational activity called AYO in some years back, the fun derived from it, how money was made from it through betting, and the vexation of  the loosing party. The game Ayo is played with two people, each person sitting on either of the longer sides of the board.  Four […]

TAP Photosession: Daddy & Mummy Yerokun

Congratulations to Mummy & Daddy Yerokun on their  40th wedding Anniversary. Marriage is a complex institution and we are inspired by those who have conquered it. It was a wonderful experience shooting with the lovely couples. Congrats once again to Mummy and Daddy Yerokun, from everyone at the studio we sure had a wonderful time and we look forward to shooting with you again. PHOTOSESSION BTS                          To […]

TAP Photosession: Ami Sanni @1

Hi everyone, we want to say a big thank you to Mrs Sanni for bringing Amioluwanimi aka Ami Sanni to the studio as he turned 1 for his shoot, everyone loved his traditional attire. We had a wonderful time; dancing,laughing and cake smashing. It was amazing having you all at the studio, we look for to shooting with you again. PHOTO SESSION BTS                          To know more about […]