Mayokun and her sweetheart Ibukun‘s white and traditional wedding ceremony is surely sending sweet vibes to us all. Just before their white wedding ceremony, the couple went for the Edo culture for their traditional wedding ceremony. Then after, exchanged their marital vows in the bride’s sitting room. As much as it wasn’t a conventional Nigerian wedding, it was full of fun and love. The couple had such a great time with their guests, friends and family as they officially embarked on their forever journey.





Today’s love story is just so beautiful. You know it’s best to have the groom Ibukun share how he met his bride Mayokun and how he pulled off his proposal to his love!




“Our love story began when I went for a concert and I met Oluwamayokun selling tickets at the entrance,  Mayokun tried to interest me to buying a ticket and make a shout out to someone I love, I replied saying that I don’t have anyone, but Mayokun was persistent. I bought one ticket and asked for the seller (Mayokun)’s name, she answered with a smile and then I put Mayokun’s name on the ticket and that was where our journey to forever began”














































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