TAP BIRTHDAY SHOOT: with Faith Adeoye

Everyone at the studio wishes Faith a happy birthday filled with joy and all her heart desires. Faith showed up for her birthday shoot a few days to today. She was actually our first studio manager (December 2017)


Unlike our regular shoots, this one was full of some serious dance moves by the celebrant herself. The studio was lit up with some dance moves that even the creative director himself was led on in the spirit. Spiced up with creativity, ideas kept coming in as usual (the TAP way).

Our in-house makeup artist (Morenike) also did a great job with the celebrant. The transformation actually wowed me. Both her makeup and outfits made sense and blended with the various backgrounds used that day.


I actually wished the shoot never ended coz of the atmosphere of joy and creativity. We automatically found ourselves in the Christmas mood at the end of the shoot; the creative director had to go and dig out an old Christmas cap to tell you how serious it was.

The pictures came out beautiful and on point (we dey finish work for TAP). I’m very sure she enjoyed the TAP experience.



We also enjoyed having Faith with us that day and we wish her many more birthdays filled with so much joy.


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Thanks for reading through, see you soon.

Studio Assistant, Kayode Solomon

TAP Studio

Team Tap

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