TAP BIRTHDAY SHOOT: with Eunice Anulopo

Tap team wishes Eunice a happy birthday filled with unending joy, peace, success, long life and prosperity. She and her brother (Oore-ofe) showed up at the studio on the 22nd of December 2018 for her birthday shoot (the Jumbo package) and it was a day to remember.


With our various backgrounds and their cool outfits, we created lots of beautiful memories with the celebrant and her brother.


For the record Eunice is a very ticklish person. We were like “make her laugh…” and before we knew what was happening she was filled with so much laughter, all thanks to  Oore-ofe who showed us the secret  to making her laugh hard (tickling).




Our in house makeup artist (Esther) also did a wonderful job with the celebrant; she was popping. She (Our makeup artist) also brought in some ideas to spice up the photo session. It all ended on a good note and we are really glad they loved their pictures.








We pray for many more glorious and successful years for Eunice. TAP team loves you.


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Thanks for reading through, see you soon.

Studio Assistant, Kayode Solomon

TAP Studio

Team Tap

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