We got the rear privilege of creating portraits of Pastor David ibiyeomie in 2018 on a visit to Ibadan and he totally loved it. So fast forward to 2019, when he was coming to Ibadan again he requested another portrait session which we were excited to create again and far better than 2018 he loved it more. He couldn’t resist asking us to come over to Port Harcourt to cover his birthday Celebration. For those of us that don’t know […]

Perfect present for your loved ones

Gift cards or Gift vouchers are the perfect present for family and friends for special occasions. Especially when it involves taking pictures, no one would be able to resist that kind of offer. Here at Tap studio, we have a provision for vouchers which are readily available for pickup by the purchaser. Our gift cards go for 5000 naira and multiple cards may be purchased if its for a photosession whose price is higher. Once the gift card is bought, […]


An African woman is a rare soul. She has this infectious energy that makes you want to run next to her. She belongs to no one but herself. The African woman is a strong and resilient being as nature portrays her over the years. She has a large heart, knows her area of strength and always commands attention with her aura.   This particular shoot was a reality due to the first impression our model had on the in house […]


Learning never stops, it never ends, learning continues through out one’s life time. Bearing that in mind, we would like to introduce TAP ACADEMY, a learning institution which is a part of  TAP studio.   At TAP ACADEMY, it is our aim that value is added to every individual who comes into our place of learning.     Our institution caters for both beginners, who are still trying to figure out what the photography world is about, intermediate and professionals […]


  Nigeria is home to over 300 tribes, which shows a lot of diversity in the way things are done. Each tribe tries to communicate the same thing in their own style, further enhancing unity in diversity.The team thought to come up with an idea which would further enhance the diversity amongst Nigerians as a good thing. So we decided to have a themed shoot centered around the Delta-Igbo bride. people who come from Delta state are divided into various […]


To mark children’s day and also in order to celebrate children’s day at the studio, we had a week long promo which spanned from may 25-31st.   we were inspired by the may 27 children’s day celebration which is an annual event. As it is said, children are very adorable, cute, and warm our hearts with their curiosity and innocence.   Taking pictures of kids isn’t one of the easiest tasks, you have  to be able to catch their attention […]


Traditional weddings are one of the highlights of Nigerian weddings.And the traditional Yoruba wedding attire is something that shows glamour all through. Usually, the brides attire is made from a fabric known as Aso-Oke. This fabric is usually used to make formal attires and signifies royalty. The wedding attire for the traditional Yoruba bride kicks off with the Iro and Buba , but is incomplete without the Gele which could be worn in various styles and the beads which signify […]


We had a bridal inspired shoot with our amazing model jessica jane during the week, and it was nothing but exciting. Right from when she came into the studio, we knew nothing but magic would be made. The in house make up artist gave a nicely done face beat that rhymed with the theme of the shoot. And our amazing team here at Tap studio payed much attention to detail in setting up the background and lights.Eventually,not only did we […]


Okay so easter was last weekend. And to mark easter in our own way, we at the studio had an easter inspired shoot, one which not only captured the easter vibe, but also showed the teams creative side as well. The sasha fierce look, poses and elegance radiating from these pictures could not have been possible without our model. her interaction with the camera during the session was not just good but an epitome of sheer excellence. Much work was […]


hi… my name is Oluwatobiloba Da-silva and i work as an intern at TAP Studio, you can call me the baby of the team :)..but i am glad to be a part of the team. Here, i hope to learn as much as i can and contribute to the growth of the company. the whole journey for me here, would be adding as much value as i can to the organisation and work alongside my team members to achieve the […]