TAP at One!

One year is a big milestone for any company–and that goes doubly for us, as a startup company working to disrupt a heavily-regulated and historically static industry. In addition to building a service that helps our customers create and keep precious memories, we’ve maintained a team and culture that’s focused on continuous innovations. It’s fair[…]


Graduation day brings with it a roller coaster of emotions for grads and their families alike. It’s a time of celebration and achievement. There is reflection on past trials and successes as well as hope for the future. As a relative or close friend of the grad, you’ve already done your job of shaping their[…]

Basic Things To Know About Aperture In Photography.

Welcome to another great week, and today, i’ll be taking us through the basic things to know about APERTURE in Photography. Starting with PHOTOGRAPHY itself, Photography is an art and also the process of capturing LIGHT. In one of our posts, I talked about the benefits of photography, read more on it Photography is all[…]